Preity Zinta Upset with Police

Preity Zinta is said to be very upset with the police for making her wait and not registering her complaint.

Preity Zinta is very upset with the Mumbai police for the way it behaved with the Bollywood lead actress. The Bollywood actress alleged that when she went to the Khar police station to lodge a complaint about a theft, her complaint was not registered despite the fact that she waited for five hours at the police station to get the complaint registered.

No, it is not as if that the cops present at the police station did not know who Preity is because unlike an ordinary man like you and me, preity said that she was happy with the kind of welcome she was given at the police station. But that did not seem to impress her as the actress while recalling her experience at the police station said that during her four hour stay at the police station, all she was offered was tea and more tea. Preity was quick to add, “I would have been happy had they registered the complaint instead.”

Preity said that she is facing so many problems because she is taking on this issue as an ordinary citizen and not as a celebrity. Said Preity, “As a Bollywood film star, had I called a press conference and made a huge noise about the issue, I wouldn’t have had to face so many problems.”

Contrary to Preity’s claims, Police on the other hand said that rather than a theft, this is a case of property dispute.

One wonders why Preity is so upset with the police for making her wait and not registering her complaint. If she went to the cops as an ordinary citizen of the country and not as a Bollywood star, she should be ready to face all the problems that an ordinary man faces while registering a complaint at a police station.

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