Preity Zinta reveals the truth

Preity Zinta told the police that she was abused thrice and manhandled once by Ness Wadia on May 30. That’s right! Preity Zinta reveals the truth About Abuse Incident!


She also pointed out the two spots where the alleged incident had taken place and also showed them the spot on the ground where she claims that she was abused for the third time.

According to a police officer, Preity was seated under the air conditioned box in the Garware Pavilion initially which was where Ness Wadia, according to her, started abusing a team official over the seating arrangement. Preity apparently asked Wadia to be quiet as their team, Kings X1 Punjab, was playing well. “She claimed he then started abusing her and even pulled her hand,” said the officer.

“Preity then left the seat and moved to one in front near the railing where Wadia again abused her. At this point, an American national identified as Gene Goodenough, who was Preity’s guest, stood up and appealed for silence and later threatened to hit Wadia. After this Wadia left the spot. After the match ended, when Preity went to the ground to congratulate her team members, Wadia abused her for the third time.”, he added.

Preity has named 14 others present when the incident took place, which includes a son of a legendary cricketer. She has also referred to some friends of Wadia, but has told the police that she doesn’t know their names.

Preity also stated that Wadia’s mother, Maureen, never came to the open box in Garware where the actress was initially abused and manhandled.

A team from the anti-extortion cell also met Preity.

When Preity’s lawyer asked her about the threat issued by Ravi Pujari to Nusli Wadia’s secretaries, she denied knowing the gangster.

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