Preity Zinta fought with a guy in theatre!

Preity Zinta Fought with a Guy in Theatre

Bollywood beauty Preity Zinta literally fought with a guy in a theatre. It seems that this beauty went to a theatre to watch the flick “Bang Bang”. Before the starting of the flick, National Anthem of India was being played and Preeti Zinta stood up in respect for the nation.

It seems that a guy didn’t stand up during this span and this raised the temperature in Preeti. She immediately fired on that guy and pushed him out of the theatre. She literally fought with him on this aspect. This shows the respect Preeti Zinta shows for the nation.

On one side, few spectators are praising Preeti Zinta for her respect towards the nation while few others started firing on Preeti for being too rude with a person that too in a public place. In social media, debate is on progress between these 2 sets of audience.

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