Preity Zinta defends herself!

Now, the Preity Zinta – Ness Wadia case is pretty much the favourite meal for the beast that’s the entertainment media, and the actress has been bombarded with accusations, well intended explanations on her behalf and even by some outrageous theories as to how and why the whole thing happened.


And it looks like Preity is done hiding behind her silence and lawyers this time, and she’s come right to the people defending herself and her actions against all the allegations being thrown at her left and right!

Yes folks, Preity posted on her Facebook page, a rather lengthy explanation for all that’s happened and she had a lot to say..

Here are a few excerpts from the post:

I appreciate all the people who stand by me and support me but i must confess i am genuinely surprised and shocked at some reactions from people in general. My F.I.R IS VERY CLEAR yet its INTERPRETATIONS ARE MIND BOGGLING and there is so much speculation as to Why did i do what i did ? What was the motive behind my actions etc …… therefore this is my attempt to set the record straight.

Why did i report a personal matter to the police? PERSONAL MATTER ? Seriously ? For the record this relationship was ended by me in 2009 and i don’t ever recall having gone to the police on any personal matter irrespective of what happened then. But now its been 6 years since the break up so THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL MATTER.

Is this done for MONEY ? IPL was my project from the start and for the record not only did i pay for myself (5 crores)when i got into the IPL (bid) I paid for Ness too ! 5 crores ! (Proof of my financial commitment in the IPL is with the Bcci.) To be fair to him he did pay me back a couple of months later ( without any premium) so Hope the money theory is put to end once and for all.

Well as concise and clear as she could be, she doesn’t stop there.

Preity also goes on to completely bash the so called ‘theories’ that she is.. ahem.. connected to the underworld somehow, that the whole thing was for publicity or because of jealousy.

The diva then moves on to address the whole situation and the results from a social perspective, admonishing those who make any such assault on anyone look unimportant and drown it in a gossip shower.

She finally also conveys her respects to women everywhere who have faced such a situation or worse, and ends the whole explanation with a strong salute to women power.

Oh yeah, she also asks the media to respect her privacy and let the police deal with the matter now until it reaches a resolution. The police are expected to question Ness Wadia this week, and we too hope the matter’s laid to rest with justice for all..

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