Miss India 2018 is all set to take place soon. The 2018 Miss India Beauty pageant could possibly be a historic moment in pageant history. Given this scenario, it is always very tricky to make any predictions for the semifinalists and winners. Isn’t it? Absolutely Yes.

Miss India 2018
Miss India 2018

Well, now brush up your IQ levels and win exciting prizes every day by predicting the winner of the next Miss India correctly!

How can you participate?

• Each prediction game will be active till one day before the date of the finals of the pageant.

• You need to login to participate in Predict next Miss India game. You can log in with your Facebook

• You can only submit your prediction once per login, which cannot be changed once submitted.

• You can select, unselect, or drag to change the rankings before you submit your final predictions.

• Reward Points – You will receive reward points for both participating in a prediction game and also if your predictions are accurate.

What can you win?

There are a lot of amazing prizes such as shopping coupon codes.

How do you win?

If you have predicted the winner correctly, your name will be entered into a lucky draw. Every day, within 24 hours of the match, the lucky winners will get an email with their prize with the details on how to redeem the prize!

Make the most of your predictions right and win mind-blowing prizes.

You can predict the next Miss India here: CLICK HERE

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