Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

What it’s all about?

Prayanam means journey. The film is set in an airport and deals with the aspect of life journey of a young boy and girl. Chandrashekar Yeleti who is known for his offbeat films like Aithe, Anukokunda Okaroju etc. has once again come up with a novel fare.

The plot

Dhruv (Manchu Manoj) is on a holiday with his two friends. He is going to Singapore from Malaysia. As soon as he lands up at the airport, cupid strikes him. He falls head over heels in love with Harika. She is studying hairstyle and fashion designing and is going to India to meet a prospective groom arranged for her by her parents.

Dhruv is sure that Harika is the girl he wants to marry. He along with his two friends plans a way to woo the girl. Time is short as Harika’s flight will take off in two hours. Dhruv has to meet her, make friendship, woo her and then propose to her, all in two hours.

He also has to contend with the none too friendly attitude of Harika’s friend who is accompanying her to India. How Dhruv goes about the job of wooing Harika is the story. We have Brahmanandam and Dhruv’s two friends to keep us engaged with their comedy while Dhruv is working had to woo Harika.

The director adds some suspense elements like Harika’s flight taking off even before Dhruv can propose to her and a big written test to Dhruv by Harika before the film reaches its logical ending.

The actors:

Manchu Manoj comes up with an effective performance. He plays out his part of a confused teenager who is sets out to woo a girl in two hours flat quite nicely. He has definitely improved a lot from his earlier films and will surely reach bigger heights after this.

Harika is okay. She is no great shakes but does a neat job. She may bag a few films with a bit of luck. The girl who played Harika’s friend impresses and the two friends of Manoj, Janardhan and Danil also do a good job. Brahmanandam does some neat comedy. The film revolves around these six seven characters.

The bottom line:

Prayanam has a simple but novel theme and the story and screenplay are good. The music and photography also add to the film. The deft direction by Yeleti makes Prayanam a feel good light hearted entertainer. The film is recommended for its novel theme, clean comedy and short duration. The film runs for just under two hours.





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