Pravin Mahajan died

Pravin Mahajan, brother of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Pramod Mahajan, died in a Thane hospital Wednesday evening, family sources said.

Pravin, who lived with his wife and two children in a modest apartment in Thane near here, was an unknown figure until the morning of April 22, 2006 when he shot his brother and prominent BJP leader Pramod.

On that day, Pravin drove to the Worli residence of elder brother Pramod Mahajan. After a brief, tense conversation, Pravin (who was carrying a licensed revolver) shot Pramod and then went to a police station and surrendered.

From that day onwards, Pravin became a national enigma. Very little was known about him, and about his motive for killing Pramod, who was then one of the important and high-profile politicians at the national level.

Pramod passed away 13 days later, on May 3. Pravin was convicted for the murder by a Mumbai sessions court, and sentenced to life imprisonment on December 18, 2007. However, even during the trial the prosecution could not pinpoint the actual motive. Pravin’s lawyer took the stand that he did not shoot his brother.

Even in his latest interview after he was released on furlough from Nashik prison last month, Pravin maintained that "I did not kill Pramod".

Born to a school teacher, Pravin (50) was the youngest of the five siblings.

According to his short memoirs ‘Maza Album’ (My Album), he was keenly interested in his brother’s political career, but never joined politics.

As an elder brother, it was Pramod who found for Pravin his bride Sarangi. Pravin settled down in Thane, working as a consultant.

Apparently, in the last five-six years before Pramod’s death, their relations began to sour. Evidence submitted by prosecution during the trial indicated that they had disputes over financial transactions.

His other brother, Prakash Mahajan, alleged after the publication of ‘Maza Album’ that Pravin and his family were living off Pramod’s money.

Though other members of Mahajan family severed ties with him after the murder, Sarangi stood by him through the trial and afterwards.

He was released on furlough on November 27. Just when the 14-day leave was about to expire, he complained of headache and blood pressure, and was taken on December 11 night to Jupiter hospital in Thane.

He arrived in an unconscious state and was diagnosed with severe brain haemorrhage. He went into coma from which he never recovered.

Apart from his wife, he is survived by two college-going children Kapil and Vrushali.(PTI)

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