Pravarakyudu movie review

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

What’s All About?

The film Pravarakhyudu is a story about the love and hate relationship between college students Jagapathi Babu and Priyamani. They go their separate ways after a misunderstanding only to meet again after 10 years. How they clear their misunderstandings and come together is the story. 

The plot:
The story is set in a college. Sailaja (Priyamani) and Sasi (Jagapathi Babu) are classmates. While Sailaja is wooed by most of the college students Sasi justs laught over it. When Sailaja says ‘I Love You’ to Sasi, he takes it lightly. Sasi says that he does not believe in love but is ready to marry her if she is ready.
This angers Sailaja and she and Sasi part ways. Ten years pass by. Now Sasi is a professor in Harvard. Sailaja is a principal. Sailaja cannot forget Sasi and so she does not marry. Sasi comes to India in search of a suitable girl. He still cannot forget Sailaja and so starts enquiring about her. When he learns that she is still unmarried and working as a principal. Sasi joins the same college as a lecturer.
The intention of Sasi is very clear. His only task is to try and woo Sailaja and marry her. Will Sailaja fall to the charms of Sasi? If so, how and why? Watch this as it unfolds on the screen.
The actors:
The film is a Jagapathi Babu show all the way. He hogs the screen presence for a major part and does a neat job. Jagapathi Babu is really impressive as a lecturer. The way he goes about wooing Priyamani s charming and interesting.
Priyamani looks ravishingly beautiful. She also makes a good mark as the principal. Sunil plays Jagapathi Babu’s friend while Brahmanandam plays a college lecturer.
Ali makes a brief appearance in the get up of a tribesman in Africa. He manages to raise a few laughs. The rest from Chalapathi Rao to Rajyalakshmi and Dharmavarapu are okay.
The bottom line:
The music is okay and the story and screenplay quite interesting. Director Manages to weave an interesting love story. He handles the adult relationships quite well. The film is a bit slow and dull in the first half but picks up pace and interest in the second half.
Pravarakhyudu may not offer anything new but it still manages to hold your interest for a couple of hours. Okay for a one time watch.

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