Prasthanam Review

What is all about?

Prasthanam movie is all about the emotional family drama with a political background. This movie is mainly aimed for intellectual people rather than family audiences.


Peddaayana (Balaiah) is a powerful politician in Maanikonda village in Krishna District.His son Keshava (Ravi Prakash) also in politics and gets killed by his father’s political rivals.Lokanatham Naidu (Saikumar) is a henchman to Peddayana.Peddayana makes Loki (Sai Kumar) to take the place of his son in the party.Loki even marries Keshava’s widow wife Savitri, who already had a son Mitra (Sharwanand) and daughter (Surekha Vani). As time passes on their family moves to Vijayawada and Loki becomes four times MLA of his Assembly and Saikumar, Savithri blessed with a son Chinna (Sundeep).The children grows, Mitra follows in the footsteps of Loki and this makes Chinna furious with jealousy. He becomes a psycho and he becomes a big trouble for Sai kumar.When elections get near Baasi Reddy (Jeeva) and Bangaru Naidu (Jaya Prakash Reddy) rivals of Loki make a hideous plot. Loki’s own son chinna makes a major disturbance in the family. After Mitra finds some truth ,What happens from then on takes the story.


Sharwanand has done a wonderful job for his role after Gamyam.

Newcomer Sandeep Kishan that steals the show as the bad boy with his nagative performance.

Heroine Ruby wasteful characters not much to perform.

Sai Kumar’s dialogues were intense and powerful and these are the additional essence for movie success.

Surekha Vani, Jeeva and Jayprakash Reddy are as usual they did their best to their roles.

What are good?

The movie has good storyline, powerful dialogues were mind blowing, the script was impressive.

What went wrong?

Less comedy

Heroine character is less that to not much to perform

Second half lengthy



It is a good movie to watch for who are all interested about serious films and it might disappoint family audiences. The film first half goes off very well and second half goes slow and lengthy.


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