Prakash Raj’s marriage with Sobha Rani!

A cloud of dust has gathered over mercurial actor Prakash Raj’s marriage with firebrand Shobharani, the Mahila Rajyam chief. Grapevine has it that the two tied the knot in Chennai though PRP sources refuse to confirm the high profile wedding. After much acrimony, Prakash had recently divorced his wife and the timing was just perfect. But you may be wondering how in the world the two ended up in wedlock. Well, insiders aver that by virtue of being a censor board member, Shobharani had known the hot-shot actor and that she had even distributed a couple of his flicks which bombed at the BO. Rumours were also rife that Shobharani herself has generated the smoke by selective leaks to a section of the media. Whatever it may be, the bounce in her steps during Bonalu procession at Lal Darwaza where she did an impromptu jig caught everyone’s imagination.


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