Prakash Raj’s complaint in MAA

Actor Prakash Raj has filed a complaint against the producers of Anushka and Surya starrer "Yamudu" movie. The film is all set to release on July 2nd in Telugu. It is the dubbing version of Tamil film Singam in which Prakash Raj played key role.

Prakash Raj has filed complaint against producer Jnanavel Raja in Movie Artistes Association (MAA) that the producer failed to fulfill the agreement signed between them.

As per the agreement, the producers had agreed in principle that they would use his voice for Yamudu but they didn’t. Prakash Raj dubs his own voice in Telugu and Tamil for all his films, even if they are dubbed into language to another. So when he signed Singam producers reportedly told him that his voice would be dubbed himself and pay the money accordingly. He is angry when he came to know that Yamudu is releasing on July end without his voice.

At the same time, MAA has no rights to take any action on producer’s or director’s prerogative to use whichever voice he likes for a particular role in the film.

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