Prakash Raj out due to Wig!

Prakash Raj, who has roped to play the role of Villain in Tamil film ‘Maatraan’ directed by, KV Anand which was expected to be finished and released in 2012. Now the latest buzz is that Prakash Raj is not playing the role of villain in the film and he has moved out of the project due to wig problem recently.

Some sources reveal that, he was too busy with his other previously committed projects which led him to drop ‘Maatraan’ as he was not able to handle all at a time and concentrate on all. He didn’t want to keep on hold and be the reason to the delay in ‘Maatraan’ shooting; he chose to step out of the project.  

Whereas the other sources reveal that, Prakash Raj didn’t like the make-up and costume designed for him which is the reason for him moving out of the project. On the sets, he was asked to wear a wig which was designed for his role in the movie, which he didn’t like and objected. KV Anand, the director insisted that the wig is best fit for Prakash’s role hence he should wear it. Prakash Raj didn’t like the entire thing and just walked away from sets. Now the film shooting is kept on hold and KV Anand went forward and replaced Prakash Raj with a Bollywood actor Sachin Khedekar.

The film has Suriya and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles. Director KV Anand and film makers are planning to dub this film in Telugu also!!

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