Prakash Raj Fights Again

Controversies just do not seem to be leaving Prakash Raj.

First it was the news of him being ousted from Mahesh Babu’s “Aagadu”, then it was him being banned from working in Tollywood, and now, one more Prakash Raj Fight..


Prakash Raj reportedly picked up a fight with a co-passenger when he was on board a flight from Hyderabad to Chennai.

A source who was also flying on the same plane, said : “The fight got very ugly. They were fighting for petty issues. For a moment, the passenger calmed down but Prakash Raj was adamant. He was throwing tantrums and was trying to overpower the passenger using his star status.”

“If celebrities do such things, where are we common people to go? He’s a celebrity, he should have some sense. Behaving such a way in public will only lead to his bad image. I was his fan. But after seeing all this, I have decided that I will not watch his movies only”, adds the source.

The matter, however, subsided after the airport officials intervened and separated the star from the passenger.

Reasons for the fight are not known yet. Prakash Raj too has not issued any statement so far.

Well, he sure seems to be taking on-screen villainous image too seriously.

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