Prakash Raj encountered road accident!

Versatile actor Prakash Raj encountered road accident near Hi-Tech City area in Hyderabad. This incident took place few hours back and this actor is now in safe condition. A private travels bus went on for a collision with the car in which Prakash Raj was travelling.


Luckily, Prakash Raj escaped major accident while an auto got damaged in this incident. It was carrying a child at that time and this kid was badly injured. Prakash Raj tweeted in his micro blogging site that he was absolutely fine and he fired on the people who started taking photos of Prakash Raj in that incident instead of helping him.

He stated that he is feeling the peaks of fear not because of the accident but because of the people who were least bothered about the health condition of the victim in the accident spot. He stated that people should take the initiative of helping other in such kind of incident, rather than taking photographs.

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