Prakash Raj Angry On Telugu Audience

Senior actor Prakash Raj, who has failed yet again as a director with ‘Mana Voori Ramayanam,’ seems to be venting anger at Telugu audiences for the lackluster performance of his film.

Prakash Raj Telugu Audience
Prakash Raj Telugu Audience

Prakash Raj has complained that the taste of Telugu audiences has not evolved yet and they must learn to appreciate good cinema from Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam audiences. ‘They show a duty and responsibility to preserve good film welcoming new concepts. Somehow, the same section is at minority proportion in Telugu. It should be the duty of younger generation to preserve their culture and sustain it for coming generations. Somewhere, we are going on degradation. I want Telugu viewers to be aggressive and promote good films,’ Prakash Raj reportedly commented.

How the senior actor could forget the recent successes of Bichagadu, Pelli Choopulu, etc. Telugu movie lovers opine that first the senior actor must evolve and come up with pleasing content to score hits.

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