Prakash Jha registers Karaara as movie title

Prakash Jha has grabbed his own catchphrase from Raajneeti and registered the title Karaara for one of his future projects. He says he will use it in various permutations and combinations.

"Though I don’t intend to name any of my new film Karaara, I’ve registered it for future reference in various permutations and combinations including, of course, Manoj Bajpai’s rabble-rousing "Karaara Jawaab Milehga’," said Jha.

In Raajneeti Manoj said: "Karaara jawaab milega". Jha, who co-wrote the dialogues of Raajneeti with Anjum Rajabali, was surprised to hear judges on reality-television using the word.

"I was quite taken back when after a contestant’s performance a celebrity judge turned around to call it a ‘karaara performance’. Good we’ve added a weighty word to filmy dialogues," he said.

Jha was alarmed when his office started getting calls from several production houses asking if Jha has the copyright for the word Karaara as a film title.

"It was only then that I realised I had give a potential title for the title-starved industry," said Jha who will part with the precious word on only one condition.

"If Karan Johar asks me for it, I’ll give to him. I know he’s strapped for Hindi titles."

Post Raajneeti<,/i> success, Manoj is being requested at every public event to say the line "Karaara jawaab milega."

"I remember after Satya, I was asked to say ‘Bombay Ka King Kaun?’. Now it’s ‘Karaara jawaab milega’! Not bad."

Manoj has been asked by at least two filmmakers to use it in his forthcoming films. But he refuses to do so. "I said the catch phrase in Raajneeti. But they were written by Prakash Jha and Anjum Rajabali. I’ve no rights over them."(IANS)


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