Prachi refuse to kiss her co-star?

There were reports that Prachi Desai doesn’t like doing intimate scenes and that she refused to lip-lock with Tusshar Kapoor in ‘Life Partner’, but the actress rubbishes it saying that she never made such claims.

"Nobody asked me before writing this. There was no kissing scene in ‘Life Partner’ because it was not required. If it was required and if I would have not been comfortable doing it, then they would have cast someone else for the role," said Prachi, who made her Bollywood debut as Farhan Akhtar’s on-screen wife in ‘Rock On’.

She has done some intimate scenes with Emraan Hashmi in her forthcoming film ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’ and says that she didn’t find any difficulty in doing them.

"Even in ‘Once Upon A Time in Mumbai’, I was told about the intimate sequence in the song. There was nothing I would feel uncomfortable about or I would have to refuse to do. Nothing was actually required in this film. If you see these stories (about being uncomfortable doing intimate scenes), no one is quoting me," she added. (IANS)

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