Prabhas’s New Rule for Producers

Prabhas has become national wide star with one film Baahubali. The two part project has made him a huge star in the business that a lot of producers in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi are waiting for his dates. The producers are always happy to do films with star heroes because they get the table profit even before the release of the movie.

Prabhas New Rule
Prabhas New Rule

Prabhas too joined the list of heroes whose movies will get a huge business even before the release of the movie. Usually, other heroes come up with a strategy of asking the share in the film’s business than taking the remuneration but Prabhas is going to come up with a new strategy altogether.

More or less, the producers who want to do films with Prabhas were to accept a condition imposed by the actor. Apparently, he wanted his home production UV Creations to be a part of all his upcoming projects. He wants UV creations to look over the finances, budget and the share that he gets on the film. Instead of launching a separate production house, he wanted the production house launched by his cousin to take care of his projects.

By involving UV creations for all his projects, the actor wanted to make sure that the production and distribution of the movie take place as per his convenience.

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