Prabhas with his Duplicate!

Young Rebel Star Prabhas rocking the media with his forthcoming film Baahubali and it is going to be released in all over the world. The movie official first look trailer released today in the movie theaters in both AP and Telangana states. Everyone also eager to watch movie on screens and Prabhas fans eagerly waiting to watch his darling on screen from past 2 years. Today they got big relief with the trailer.

Prabhas dupe Kiran Raj in Baahubali
Prabhas dupe Kiran Raj in Baahubali

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Fans are eager to watch their favorite hero on big screens but the actors have to face many struggles to deliver the best output for the movies. There are many people behind the hero to make him special on the screen. Here is the one among those, he is none other the dupe for Prabhas in Baahubali and his name is Kiran Raj. Actually to perform in critical stunts many heroes will rope dupes, who looks like the actor. In Baahubali also movie makers roped Kiran Raj as Prabhas dupe to act in few scenes in the movie. So , here is the Prabhas with his dupe Kiran Raj, who also looks like Prabhas.

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