Prabhas vs Pawan Kalyan – Fans Come With Tapes Says RGV

Controversial genius Ram Gopal Vama is an interesting person. No one can understand if he is praising or criticizing a person.

Prabhas vs Pawan Kalyan
Prabhas vs Pawan Kalyan

Varma has yet again used his favorite weapon, Twitter, against his favorite person, Pawan Kalyan. With his recent tweets, Varma has silently started a debate between the fans of Pawan Kalyan and Prabhas over who the bigger star is.

Varma asked the fans of Pawan to come with tapes to theatres to measure the queues standing in front of theatres to grab the tickets of Sardaar. He threw in Baahubali in this mix and compared both the films.

RGV Tweets:

“I think PK fans from all over should come with measuring tapes,measure the q and prove to the whole world that PK is bigger than Prabhas

Compared to 1.5 kilometre long line for Bahubali on 1st day outside Prasad I max..very curious how many kilometres long line SGS will have”, RGV Posted on Twitter

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