Prabhas Spotted without Beard


Prabhas, who is acting for the film “Bahubali” is now enjoying the ramp down phase. Few days back, entire team was subjected to high level physical exercises and ramp up activities. Prabhas even raised his beard for this venture. Looks like, the shooting of Prabhas with beard got finished.

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Recently, Prabhas was spotted without beard, but he has the moustache still on. Hence, analysts are saying that this is a ramp down activity and Rajamouli is planning for the next role shooting of Prabhas. Looks like, Tamanna will be the main one to romance Prabhas in this role.

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After a year long of raising beard, Prabhas finally got relief. Now, it is time for Prabhas to work on the handsome looks once again. Rajamouli might have planned to show Prabhas as a romantic actor as well as a promising warrior. Finally, its now Prabhas’ time to enjoy the ramp down.

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