Prabhas Not Marrying Cement Girl

Right from a couple of days, rumors have been doing rounds that Prabhas has finally got a bride, and the marriage is almost confirmed. Here comes the clarity from the cousin of Prabhas.


It is speculated that the granddaughter of Bhupathi Raju who is the owner of Raasi Cements has confirmed as the bride for the Prabhas. Without any official confirmation, some media houses have officially declared this news on their channels. The cousin of Prabhas who talked to a media house has given utmost clarity. He said that none has been confirmed and the matches for Prabhas are still in search. He further said that the Raasi Cements granddaughter is merely a speculation created by some enthusiastic fans.

With this, it is almost clear that Prabhas is still open for all the hardcore single girls who are dreaming of marrying him. His next flick Saaho will start its production from July.

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