Prabhas new look blows everyone

Prabhas’s latest look has blown the fans minds with such a sleek and handsome face. He didn’t look like the furious Baahubali who wanted to avenge his father’s death. He is way cute now.

Prabhas Saaho Look
Prabhas Saaho Look

In a recent media interaction, Prabhas said that that most of his projects are action films, he nodded saying he did mostly the action films, but he has done a couple of love stories too.

Prabhas said that his next film after Saaho is going to be a beautiful love story which is 1960’s best love story of Europe. He hasn’t revealed who is going to direct this project.

Talking about the current project Saaho, he said he lost about 10 KGs already and have to lose more 2 KGS, as for Saaho, he has to come down to 87-88 KGs which he is still working on. Can’t wait for his next film.

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