Prabhas Fans Mocked Siddharth

The social media has become a platform for the fan wars. Siddarth, the young hero has revealed his opinion on the useless hashtags that the fans use for their favorite heroes. As Prabhas birthday is approaching, the fans created a hashtag to celebrate it. The fans wanted to increase the number of tweets with the hashtag.

Prabhas and Siddharth
Prabhas and Siddharth

He tweeted, “#465DayToKingPRABHASNextBdayAfterThisOne The countdown continues #HashtagsThrillButKillPleaseUseThemWithSomeDiscretion #Thanks”

Siddarth also added, “Day by day the #Hashtag is becoming a joke… I think people can laugh at a joke. Nobody needs to leave Twitter. Relax, take a deep breath and laugh at a joke.”

Later a fan asked him not to do this and reminded him that Prabhas is a friend. Siddarth then replied, “Friendu kabatte…Freedom teeskunna. Darling kooda navvuthadu joke vini. Pratidaaniki tension padithe lite theeskodaniki time undadhu kadha bayya?

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