Prabhas fans irritate with Baahubali Spoof trailer

We are all aware of the title Avu Puli Madhyalo Prabhas Pelli. Right? This title itself says that it is targeted to use Prabhas’ craze after Baahubali. The filmmakers just used a simple strategy to grab the audience using Prabhas name. Recently, the makers released trailer, which doesn’t go well with Prabhas Fans.

Prabhas Fans Avu Puli Madhyalo Prabhas Pelli Trailer
Prabhas Fans Avu Puli Madhyalo Prabhas Pelli Trailer

The fan groups of Prabhas are very angry with the filmmakers of Avu Puli Madhyalo Pelli for utilizing their favorite actors name in the film. The film also stars Kaalakeya Prabhakar in a lead role.

In the trailer, the iconic dialogue of Prabhas during the war, motivating his soldiers who had been backtracking was used in an irritating manner. That speech of Prabhas is like ‘War Anthem’ (Naatho Vachedi Evaru?) which gave goosebumps to the audiences when watching for the first time in ‘Baahubali’. This spoof is not so funny, and there is Baahubali actor Prabhakar, who played Kaalakeya mouthing a dialogue at the end of the trailer that would irritate Prabhas’ fans even more.

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