Prabhas is Bigger Than Pawan Kalyan Says RGV

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma has targeted Powerstar Pawan Kalyan one more time. Speaking about the release of the much-awaited Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film Sardaar Gabbar Singh in Hindi, he said that releasing the film in Hindi would be a huge blunder.

Prabhas vs Pawan Kalyan
Prabhas vs Pawan Kalyan

Further, he went on to compare Sardaar Gabbar Singh with magnum opus ‘Baahubali’ and said it lacks the visual splendor that Baahubali had. He said the film will prove that Prabhas is a bigger actor than Pawan Kalyan at the National level.

He added that films should be released in Hindi only if they are as huge as Baahubali. RGV also advised Pawan Kalyan’s well-wishers to tell the star about the biggest mistake he is about to commit.

Here are series of RGV’s tweets:

“Without having the Visual Magnitude of “Bahubali” it will be a super duper blunder to release “Sardar Gabbar Singh” in Hindi.”

“It will be bad for Pawan Kalyan if “Sardar Gabbar Singh” box office in Hindi will prove that Prabhas is bigger than P k on a National Level.”

“If there is even just one smart and truthful person around Pawan Kalyan,I request him to advise P K not to this Himalayan Mistake.”

“P k should come in Hindi only when the film also is as big as BahuBali ..Sardar Gabbar Singh minus PK will look very small in front of BB”

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