PR chief points at Jagan’s assets

The Praja Rajyam president, Mr K. Chiranjeevi, who has pledged to support the Congress if the ruling party fell short of numbers in the Assembly, on Sunday targeted Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Mr Chiranjeevi was endorsing the criticism the criticism by his party leaders against political heirs who had made it good.

He had misused the power of his father and he had share in ports, SEZs and every sector that yielded money, the duo alleged. Of the panchabhutas (five elements), he had spared only air.

On Sunday, speaking to party leaders belonging at Kavali, Mr Chiranjeevi took it forward saying it would be impossible even for big industrialists like the Ambanis to earn thousands of crores of rupees in five years.

“There is no need for PR to offer money or provide biryani packets to mobilise people for our yatras. They come voluntarily,” Mr Chiranjeevi said, taking potshots at the Odarpu yatra of Mr Jagan.

Senior party member, Ms Vasireddy Padma has also levelled corruption charges against the Telugu Desam president, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu. She said that both Mr Jagan and Mr Naidu had been taking out yatras for personal gain. In contrast, they said, Mr Chiranjeevi was in politics with his own funds.

However, by evening, Mr Chiranjeevi, denied that he had criticised Mr Jagan. He said he had supported only the observations of Ms Padma and Mr C. Ramachandraiah.

He reiterated that he would support the Congress in case of political turmoil so as to prevent elections and burden the people.

He said he was not interested in the CM’s post; the people would elect his party if they wanted to see him as CM.

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