Power Star Pawan Kalyan in Vizag !

Tapping into his large outreach, Power Star Pawan Kalyan addressed the youth of Vizag.

The encore and the noise on his entry into the grounds was deafening.
We interviewed some at the venue and this is what they had to say. “We already have so many parties vying to get our votes. Atleast we’ll vote for someone who looks promising enough”,said a young lad.

pawan kalyan in vizag

“Pawan Kalyan is not only an entertainer. He’s a star. And a true crowd-puller. We are going to vote only for Jana Sena in the next elections.”, said Bilal, leader of a local student wing.

pawan kalyan in vizag 1

Social media went into a tizzy during this event as well. Here are few tweets with #PawanKalyan #pawankalyaninvizag and #JanaSena ruling the roost :

Naa gurinchi matlade mundu meeru em chesaro chuskuni matladite manchidi #pawankalyaninvizag

Nenu prati okkarilo manchi chedu samanam ga chustanu #pawankalyaninvizag

Hoping that Sonia Gandhi will offer apologies to the Telugu community #pawankalyaninvizag
Feudalism, capitalism tho kurukupoina rajakeeya vyavastanu marustanu. #pawankalyaninvizag
#Janasena melo chusedi kulaniki,mathaniki prantaniki athetam ga e Desam kosam pani chese vala kosam chustunanu I’m ready #pawankalyaninvizag

With wide public outreach and terrific crowd-pulling ability, it remains to be seen whether Pawan Kalyan can meet the public expectation or will simply turn out to be another political dud.

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