Power Star Pawan Kalyan Birthday Special Article

Pawanism – How to define it?

On this special day, here is an article which attempts to explain Pawanism.

Pawanism – Is it a religion? Is it a phenomenon? Is it a set of principles?

Well, there is not a single and concrete answer for what exactly is Pawanism that drives millions of youngsters across the globe follow it. Pawanism is something intangible.  This makes me recall a real incident. 

A 15-month old girl, who was travelling in a train, fell sick and suffered from diarrhea. The parents were very worried and helpless. On seeing this, a person in the train calls his friend and asks him to post this situation in Orkut PSPK community (Orkut was a popular social networking site, and PSPK community is a forum created by the Pawan Kalyan fans).   After a couple of hours, at a station, a stranger is seen waiting on a platform with ORS packets in his hand and delivers to those parents when the train halted.  The little girl is saved.

This is PAWANISM.  And, thus it’s impossible to give a technical definition to this magic called ‘Pawanism’.

The chain of people involved in the above incident, who saved the girl’s life are completely strangers.But one name binds them together and that is PAWAN KALYAN.  He might not have a track record of a 100% hit machine, but every movie he does, he conveys a message, and be it a dialogue, a sequence or a complete song dedicated for that.  This inspiration drives ‘Pawanism’.

What connection does a movie like Badri have a song with the lyrics “Yeh desh hai Pyaara pyaara Kiski Nazar lagi Ise…Iam an Indian” song?  It’s purely Pawan’s voice expressing his anguish for issues like terrorism, using the medium of movies. Similarly what does Kushi’s “Yeh mera Jahaan yeh mera ghar mera Aashiyan” have to do with a love-story?  Why does a con(Gudumba Shankar) have to sing “Le le” song?  His heart goes out to the women who suffered from the atrocities of the evil society. He is angered when a child becomes a labor. The naxalite sequence in Jalsa might not fit in the story as per the rules of screen-writing. But, Pawan wanted to express the sufferings of the oppressed and the pathetic living conditions of the farmers in the small village. The list of such instances in his films is endless.

When a person makes sure his movies has such elements, imagine the extent he will follow those ideals in his real life.  More on that, in the next article on ‘Pawanism’.

For now, heartfelt wishes to the one and only Power Star Pawan Kalyan.

Long Live ‘Pawanism’.

Jai Hind!

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Note: Do not consider this article as a rational and an objective piece. If it’s all rational, everyone would know about it methodically. There’s not a methodical approach to understand this trend called "Pawanism". And, no approach is definitely aimed at "convincing" anyone; if the basic premise of an approach was to convince the rationale behind its existence, the approach failed already!

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