Posani’s Fight with Senior Politician during Live Show

High tempered actor cum writer Posani Krishna Murali has the other day participated in a live program of a news channel, and his verbal war went to the extent of a physical fight.

Posani and Hanumantha Rao Live Fight
Posani and Hanumantha Rao Live Fight

When Posani was questioned about the surgical strikes carried out by India, he went on to praise Prime Minister Modi as an honest person, and he fully supported the act of Modi. Senior Congress leader V Hanumantha Rao, who was also present in the live debate, refused to agree with Posani and stopped him while he was speaking. This ensured a verbal war and then both got out of their seats for a physical fight.

During this, Posani used some filthy words that we can’t write here. Posani must have felt disrespected when the politician stopped him but losing temper on a live show and using curses is definitely not a gentleman’s act.

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