Popular Tollywood lyricist Kulasekhar arrested in a theft case

Kulasekhar is a very popular Lyricist in Tollywood. He is well known for his amazing works in Telugu Cinema. He gave song lyrics for more than 100 films and few of his best works include ‘Chitram’, ‘Indra’, ‘Manasantha Nuvve’, ‘Jayam’, ‘Nuvvu Nenu’, ‘Santosham’, etc.

Kulasekhar Arrested
Kulasekhar Arrested

The lyricist made it into the news again for bad reasons. Kulasekhar has been arrested by the police once again. As per the latest reports, Jubilee Hills police has arrested Lyricist Kulasekhar for stealing the valuable things of the devotees in temples. After getting the CCTV footage evidence, Jubilee Hills police arrested him and recovered mobile phones worth Rs. 50000, bags worth Rs. 40000 and several credit and debit cards as well. He was roaming in Sri Nagar Colony and Kulasekhar was arrested last night.

Even in 2013, Kulasekhar was imprisoned for 6 months for stealing a silver crown of a Hanuman idol from a temple in Kakinada. Few people who are close to him said that he was suffering from a mental disorder where he is unable to recognize the people. However, a popular lyricist turning into a thief became a shock for Tollywood.

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