Popular Old Item Songs in Telugu

A commercial movie is made up of different aspects. When different elements form together for an entertaining tale, the commercial cinema happens. Not all commercial films can make money at the box office which was proven many times at the box office. Meanwhile, the one thing that would add a lot of beauty to the commercial cinema is the Item songs. Item songs give a fresh breath to the commercial cinema. The formulaic format of the commercial cinema was enhanced with the addition of the item songs.

The item songs are not new for us as we are seeing them in Telugu films from 70’s. Earlier, item songs used to appear in the films as part of the story but now, the filmmakers created special space for the songs. From Jayamalini, Jyothi Lakshmi, Silk Smitha to the recent Mumait Khan and the other star heroines, item songs always has a special craze.

Here is the list of popular old item song in Telugu.

Mu Mu Mudhante Chedha

Masaka Masaka Cheekatilo

Sannajajuloi Kanne Mojulo

Jyothilakshmi Cheerakattindhi

Guggu Guggu Gudisundi

Gudivada Vellanu

Puttintollu Tarimesaru

Nee Illu Bangaram Kanu

O Subbarao O Apparao

Atu Amalapuram Itu Peddapuram

Bavalu Sayya

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