Popular Kannada Actor Ashwath’s Son is now a Cab Driver

KS Ashwath is one of the popular actors in Kannada film industry. His son Shankar Ashwath is currently facing a financial leap and is working as an Uber driver to earn a survival. KS Ashwath acted in almost 370 movies in his life so far and Shankar Ashwath was always inclined towards acting from the childhood. Shankar made his debut in 1993 and was seen in almost 60 films so far. He also acted in few TV serials and made his mark.

Ashwath Son
Ashwath Son

Though he acted on multiple projects, nothing helped him to achieve big. As he is running out of the offers on hand, he turned as an Uber driver and earning a survival. The actor says that he was not upset or disappointed with his current status and told that his father’s principles are always inspirational for him.

January 19th marks the death anniversary of KS Ashwath and Shankar wanted to perform the rituals without taking money from anyone. The actor revealed that he is working hard and wanted to stand on his own and added that he was never angry with the film industry.

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