Popular Comedian Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao dies at 69

Another popular Telugu comedian Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao Died yesterday at NIMS hospital in Hyderabad.

It was just some time ago that an ace comedian Kallu Chidambaram has expired. Tollywood felt very sad and was emotional after losing such an asset. Even before forgetting the pain that he left and comedy that he has done, another comedian has followed his path and left us in a dark world. Star Comedian Kondavalasa Laxmanarao (69) has expired yesterday.

Kondavalasa expires at 69
Kondavalasa expires at 69

After a hilarious entry with Vamsi’s “Avunu valliddaru istapaddaru” in 2002, Konadavalasa has made his impact with his style of comedy timing. Kondavalasa’s popular dialogue “Aithe okay” brought him a unique status in Tollywood Film Industry.

Kondavalasa has been suffering from bad health conditions past few days. Yesterday he lost his conscious and fell on the floor. He was rushed immediately to the NIMS hospital at Punjagutta. But till then he left his breath and was declared dead by the doctors.

With over a 300 films in his account, Kondavalasa was majorly seen as a comedian. Even though having some competition from his co-comedian like Brahmanandam, M.S.Narayana, Ali, A.V.S and many, he still managed to fetch his identity in Telugu Cinema. Directors like Vamsi, E.V.V. Satyanarayana, S.V.Krishna Reddy encouraged him and gave comedy roles in their films.

Some of the movies that brought identity to this comedian were Kabadi Kabadi, Satyam, Rakhi, Evadi Gola Vadide, Bendu Apparao RMP and many such films.

Before cinemas, Kodavalasa has given over 1000 stage performances as a stage artist. He was an employee of Vishaka Port Trust. Later on, he gave a voluntary retirement and came to Hyderabad. After watching his interest in acting, director Vamsi offered him the role of Pottraju in Avunu valliddaru istapaddaru.

He was born in Srikakulam Zilla on August 10th of 1946. Since his father being a Railway employee, Konda’s education was undergone in Vishakapatnam. During his college days, Konda got fascinated towards stage acting and did many plays as a stage performer.

In a career period of twelve years, Kondavalsa chose only to do Telugu films. His passion and respect towards comedy is commendable. He didn’t choose characters that spoke offensive comedy, by so he also lost few films with star heroes.

He always hoped to do an emotional character if given a chance. Kondavalasa has expired without fulfilling his wish. His demise not only left Telugu Cinema in tears but also the audience and his fans. His loss is irreplaceable. May his soul rest in peace.

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