Poorna Takes Shocking Decision

Actress Poorna is a popular person in Telugu film industry. She has achieved fame with the film Avunu in Telugu film industry. She is very much happy with the way the roles are coming her way now. Meanwhile, she is going to be seen as a mother for two kids in Tamil director Mysskin upcoming project. The role is said to be an important one and the actress is happy to be a part of the project.

Poorna  Shocking Decision
Poorna Shocking Decision

On the other side she is also acting in the film Kodi Veeran. She is playing a key role in the film too. Surprisingly, we have got information that she is going to go bald for the film. Apparently, she is ready to cut all her hair for this project. Usually, the actors manage it with wig but she is ready to go bald completely for the project.

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