Poonam Pandey’s Sexy Good Night

Poonam Pandey can arguably be called the Kim Kardashian of India. Both are the perfectionists of the seduction art.

After hitting headlines with her juicy offer of stripping down if India won the world cup in 2011, Poonam continued her attention craving tactics to stay in headlines. By regularly posting her sexy photos and videos, Poonam has amassed a huge fan base on social media. Despite her debut film ‘Nasha’ tanked at the box office, her fan following hasn’t diminished a bit.

Poonam Pandey Sexy Godd Night
Poonam Pandey Sexy Godd Night

The other night, to convey good night to her fans, Poonam shared a pic which might have made her fans sleepless. She exposed her sexy thighs in the photo only to make her fans asking for more. The number of comments and likes she received for this pic demonstrates her craze.

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