Poonam Pandey to sue website

Poonam Pandey is getting ready to sue a website for a baseless speculation about her pregnancy and subsequent abortion.

Poonam Pandey Pregnant
Poonam Pandey Pregnant

This website published that Poonam Pandey was pregnant after dating the son of a popular Bollywood hero. It was added that she visited Mumbai’s Hinduja Hospital on 18thJan for abortion. Within hours, Poonam took to Twitter to announce that she will be suing the website for reporting baseless matters without even verifying her for facts.
Poonam Pandey tweeted, ‘This is a Fake story, will take legal action. Outraging my modesty, how can one be so irresponsible.common guys can’t u double check before filing any crap hitting one below the belt’.

Poonam Pandey, who is synonymous for erotic titillating videos and temperatures raising erotic photo shoots, gained sympathy from her millions of fans after this incident. However, the queen of erotica was criticized by many others calling this another attempt to gain publicity.

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