Poonam Pandey’s Phone Robbed!

The hot and sexy model Poonam Pandey, who got the fame from the Cricket World-cup with her nude act. Later she was in the news for posting her sexy, bold pictures and raunchy videos in Twitter.

Ponnam Pandey has been stealing many people hearts with her sexy and bold pictures and now her mobile phone (iphone 4,approx. Rs 45,000) was stolen by a gang of bikers on Friday night at Adarsh Nagar signal in Andheri (West), Mumbai.

Poonam Pandey filed a complaint with Mumbai police on Friday stating that two men on a bike approached her while she was in a car and when she rolled down the window, they fled with her phone.

The police officers investigating the case confirmed that several cases of mobile phone robbery had been reported at the same signal in the recent past.

In that mobile phone several personal photos and private videos of Poonam Pandey’s are stored. Now she is worrying about if that phone landed in the wrong hands then it might create a sensation.

So once again she is going to be in the news headlines and she will get the free publicity!!

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