Poonam Pandey has the curviest body in India!

The super hot model Poonam Pandey knows how to keep her fans happy.After posting her nude pics on Twitter,recently she has uploaded some racy pictures on twitter, where she has exposed her massive cleavage.

Apart from posting her raunchy pictures, she is also totally obsessed with her body.Sensation strip queen Poonam Pandey thinks she has the curviest body in India and the likes of ‘Dirty’ Vidya Balan and Kareena Kapoor stand nowhere near her.She tweeted that she has the best body in B-town.

She tweeted with one picture: “I bet no one in India has Such Curvey Body… i bet on that Prove me Wrong.”

“I like my body. I like the curves i have,” Poonam Pandey wrote and added “Madly in Loveee with Moiself”

“The only way to keep my boobs this big is to stay the size I am ahahaha. i feel like there’s something that i eat that makes my boobs grow overnight. they’ll be sore before i go to bed. I bought a bra earlier that was a size bigger because they failed to have my size (bra-ists) and it fits, my boobs. I must be the only girl alive my age who is happy with the size of my boobs,” she tweeted further.

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