Poonam Kaur posts sensational comments on Facebook

Poonam Kaur is back to form on Twitter. She has written an ambiguous post on Facebook without naming the target of her rant.

Poonam Kaur Tragets
Poonam Kaur Tragets

She posted, “Concepts copy chesi … dialogues copy chesi… battalu marchukuntu… manshulu maristu… mata meeda undakapovadam…. jaanalu innocence toh aadkuntu… vesha bhushalu maristu jaanalu ni mobbi petti…. ammailu ni addam pettukuntu rajikiyalu chestunnaru kontha mandi….. aa bhagwantudey…. nijam ento ani telipinchali ani manasupurti ga koru kuntunna.”

The post has come as a godsend for those whose imagination is fertile. But, Poonam will have to stop writing such posts that lead to unnecessary speculations. What do you say guys?

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