Pooja Movie Review

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

Pooja Movie Review: Vishal and Shruthi Hassan have good fan following in both Kollywood and Tollywood. Cornering this fact, Vishal, the producer of “Pooja” released this flick with equal efforts in Telugu. Read on to know whether this Tamil film caught the attention of Telugu audience or not.


The story of this flick is regarding the issue between Vasu (Vishal) and Singanna (Mukesh Tiwari). Vasu is a financier and Singanna is the one who murders guys for payment. Vasu’s family will face issue from Singanna and how Vasu takes charge of the situation and will settle the aspect turned out to be the story. Vasu is a typical guy who sticks to his morals and this makes Divya (Shruthi Hassan) fall in love with him. This romantic track along with Vasu’s family issue form the complete story.


Vishal’s films will have a blend of mass and class styles. If we consider his previous ventures “Pandem Kodi” and “Bharani”, which got good ratings in Telugu, we can come to a conclusion that his films will have mass action along with class family sentiments. “Pooja” too is such a venture and as Vishal has experience working in such roles, he did this flick with ease. Fights looked good on screen.

Andrea’s special song is an asset for this venture. She looked hot on screen. Shruthi Hassan is equally glamorous and she looked good beside the tough and heavily build Vishal. Mukesh Tiwari, Satyaraj, Soori Radhika, Sitara, Prathap and all other supporting actors joined the flick slowly with different scenarios and entertained audience as per their characters.

Technical Aspects:

Vishal as a producer for this venture, took care of not letting a single stone unturned. He made sure that the story of this flick forms a blend of Telugu and Tamil styles. Shruthi Hassan too worked with responsibility and the chemistry between the two was well captured by the director. Film maker Hari made sure that this venture entertains audience in all angles. It has got both mass and class elements.

Songs synced up well with the flick. Background score too was interesting. Cinematography and dialogues too were well maintained.


Pooja turned out to be a good entertainer in the first half and an average flick in the second half. On an average, it has all the ingredients required for mass and class audience. It is a family drama too. Just like “Pandem Kodi” and “Bharani”, this flick too might impress Tollywood audience.

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