Politics behind Rudramadevi and Size Zero

Anushka, who thought that 2015 has a lot of offering to her with Baahubali, is now in the toughest phase of her filming career.

Since Rudramadevi getting postponed, everyone thought that director Guna Shekar is trying to play a safe game with no competition around. On the other hand Anushka, who completed Rudramadevi and Size Zero long back, is eagerly waiting for both the releases.

Rudramadevi and Size Zero
Rudramadevi and Size Zero

Today, we got to know that Rudramadevi, which was postponed, wasn’t a wanted decision by Guna Shekar, but a pressurized one from the financiers of Size Zero. Few politics was played by the financiers of Size Zero to push Rudramadevi’s release. The financiers, who thought that the festival season will be a fortune Turner for their film Size Zero, put pressure on Guna Shekar of not releasing Rudramadevi.

Guna, who directed and produced Rudramadevi had no choice but to surrender and postpone his movie release. With Size Zero officially being announced of releasing on 9th of October, Guna Shekar dropped the plans for promoting and advertising the film.

With Size Zero hitting the theaters first, Rudramadevi has to keep quiet for a while and look for another date for releasing. Rumors have that Guna Shekar is planning to release the movie for Sankranthi as Anushka’s Arundathi was also released during Sankranthi season in 2009 and turned out to become a huge hit.

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