Police shocked Prabhas at his home!

Shock to Prabhas from Hyderabad police! Check here for full story. Rebel Star Prabhas, who earned huge fame after the success of “Baahubali, ” is now, India wide a huge star.

Police at Prabhas Residence
Police at Prabhas Residence

Recently some police gave a visit to this hero’s residence in Hyderabad. Now why the police did go to Prabhas house? Did something happen over there? Did Prabhas asked for more security from the police? Such questions arise immediately. But the answer to above questions is no.

The local Police gave a visit to Prabhas residence just to meet him. Yes, just to meet him and have a photograph along with him.

Post “Baahubali- The Beginning” crowd at Prabhas residence got increased. Fans of his are queuing at his home to meet and have a photograph along with him. Not only fans but also VIP’s are giving a visit for this “Baahubali.”

In the process, some police who are security for the Telangana CM KCR went to Prabhas home in Jubilee Hills. They took this opportunity of meeting Prabhas and took photographs with him.

Knowing what happened, the higher official’s gave some serious warning to the police that went to Prabhas residence without guarding the CM.

Whatever it is and whoever it is are sure of having fallen in the trance with Prabhas after watching “Baahubali.”

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