Police Report on Ram Charan Fight

Everyone Knows that Ram Charan’s fight with two techies near GVK Mall, after a gap of one and a half month now, the Banjara Hills police submitted a report to the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) on this street fight.

After the incident Ram Charan has condemned the news reports of attacking the techies by his security guards and also stated that the images were splashed in newspapers showing him near the scene of brawl was morphed.

Later a high court lawyer SA Saleem  filed a petition and approached the Human Rights Commission on May 8 and blamed the Banjara Hills police for not booking a case against the young actor out of bias.However, SHRC asked the Hyderabad police commissioner to investigate on this issue and to submit the report by August 28th.

Yesterday, Police submitted a report to SHRC stating that both the parties indulged in the street brawl and, hence, the matter was not taken up as no complaint was filed.

"The incident is purely a byproduct of exchange of free flow of words on account of self glorifying emotional status and the police report also nailed the lie of Ram Charan’s statement that the photograph showing him near the scene of brawl was morphed.Ram Charan got down from the car and watched the incident from a distance by the side of the road in front of GVK house and left immediately", the report said.

Now, the Lok Adalat should decide what to do with the case.


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