Police Hunt for Actress’s Pen Drive

Banjara Hills people were in for a huge surprise when they found out that cops worked hard for three days and established three separate teams to nab a person who was accused of stealing a pen drive.

Rada Prasanthi Pen Drive
Rada Prasanthi Pen Drive

Going into details, a Dilshukh Nagar resident named Jagadeesh is a professional acupuncture therapist. He met Film actress Radha Prasanthi few days ago and after few meetings, he went missing from her radar. During the same time, Radha realized that she lost her pen drive so she complained to the police that Jagadeesh stole her pen drive and went into hiding.

After three days of labor, police finally caught Jagadeesh only to learn that he has nothing to do with the pen drive.

This incident made people wonder why police take silly cases of actors so important when a number of serious cases are already pending?

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