Police complaint against Suraj Venjaaramoodu!

A pretty serious police complaint has been filed against national award winner Suraj Venjaaramoodu in connection with an alleged land grabbing incident – and the complaint has been filed by none other than the ex manager of the actor, one Mr Rajesh.


Rajesh has asked the police to hold a vigilance enquiry in to Suraj’s alleged connection with the ‘blade mafia’ !
Here’s what has happened according to Rajesh:

He had borrowed an amount of around Rs 3 lacs from the actor before, with the documents of his property as security.

Though he later returned the money, he says Suraj refused to hand over the property documents and instead asked Rajesh to sign them over to Sabu Khan, an aide of Suraj.

Rajesh, reportedly, had to flee to Thiruvananthapuram, fearing the ‘blade mafia’ who are based in Aluva, Ernakulam.
But that’s not all – he also claims that he was threatened by Suraj and his people to do as he was told ‘or else’…
Rajesh also wants the vigilance enquiry to look in to the many supposedly shady and possibly illegal land dealings the actor has had in the past.

Now, this is a shocking turn of events indeed. Suraj, who is beloved by the Malayali fans, hasn’t responded to the media regarding these allegations and we do not know yet how the police are going about with their investigation.

In any case, it looks like this could be a troubling legal nightmare for the actor whose recent national award win has skyrocketed his career graph. We will only know in the days to come if there is any truth behind these accusations levelled at the comedic actor and if there is, to what extent?

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