Police complaint on Salman Khan and his NGO!

Six pack hero Salman Khan’s NGO “Being Human” is now in trouble. Muslims in India filed a complaint on this NGO saying that a show which was organized by this NGO insulted Muslim culture. As per the report, a model participated in the ramp walk show conducted by “Being Human”, wearing a top which has the words “Allah” written in Arabic letters.

Case on Salman Khan and NGO

Few Muslims objected this aspect saying that it is hurting the feeling of Muslims. They further filed Police complaint on Salman Khan and his NGO for encouraging this. Previously, Salman Khan has been cornered in several issues. Now, one more issue got tagged to his account.

“How will Salman Khan move out of this issue?” turned out to be a interesting issue. Police are now investigating on this issue taking Salman Khan into custody. We have to wait for some more time to know the result of this issue.

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