Police Complaint Against Varma’s Heroine

Even though many might not have known her name, who could forget the impact created by the saucy actress via the suggestive posters released by Ram Gopal Varma from the shelved film “Sridevi”?

Complaint on Anukriti
Complaint on Anukriti

Her name is Anukriti. She played the role of a middle-aged woman who beguiles a teenage boy with her suggestive and alluring looks. The much publicized “Savitri” has been shelved for unknown reasons, but the sensational Anukriti managed to sign a film titled “Papa”.

A few days ago, Papa’s director Yogi filed a police complaint alleging that Anukriti had walked out of the flick after shooting for nearly half of the movie. Anukriti quit the project in the middle and walked out of the sets after noticing in the middle of the shooting that her character and dialogues were designed in vulgar manner. She even asked the filmmakers to return the already shot footage in lieu of her remuneration.

Yogi said that he had narrated the full script and dialogues to Anukriti before she signed the film and what she did now was unprofessional.

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