Police Arrested who stolen 2 lakhs from Megastar Chiranjeevi House

The police have solved the mystery of robbery in Megastar Chiranjeevi’s residence in Jubilee Hills. The thief was none other than one of the trusted servants in the house.

Theft in Chiranjeevi House
Theft in Chiranjeevi House

Police detained one of the servants in the house, Chennayya on the pretext of suspicion. During the interrogation, he has reportedly confessed to have stolen a whopping Rs 16 lakhs over the past several months.

Chennayya has been working in Chiru’s house for ten years. He knows the intricate details of where the the money is kept in the house and that how he can steal it without getting caught.

He then started stealing small amounts on a daily basis. Chennayya came under suspicion only recently when he stole Rs 2 lakhs.

The police suspect that he could have stolen more than what he had confessed about, and are reportedly further interrogating him to extract complete details

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