Please do not disturb me – Geethu Mohandas

Geethu Mohandas, the acclaimed actor turned director, put up this as her social media status recently; yes, a sincere request to her fans not to bother her with trivial social media customs and gizmos and most of all random ‘friend requests’!


It seems the very talented Geethu is leading a very busy life these days and this ‘request’ is just an indication of the real ‘lack of time’ felt by many working mothers. Geethu does,as she explained, have to take care of a one and half year old baby, whilst also dive headfirst in to penning down the script for her next venture.

Hope the fans do appreciate her candidness, although it is this and her bold nature, personally and artistically that have gained her the recognition she deserves.

Her husband Rajeev Ravi too is busy with his directorial venture after winning the national award for cinematography for Geethu’s own film, Liar’s Dice, this year. A blessed and gifted family indeed!

Geethu herself debuted in films as a child artist in the mid 80s and then left only to return in the late nineties as a heroine. The beautiful actress who starred in quite a few notable films in Malayalam then must have realised her real passion lies elsewhere as she retired silently for a span of a few years.

Liar’s Dice which was , made on a modest budget went on to win another national award for Geethanjali Thapa who played the female lead in the flick, and also won several laurels including multiple Best Film awards at numerous international film festivals.

So, to be fair, when Geethu says she is busy – it must truly mean she is, and as her fans we should perhaps let her be, so she can come out in some time with what is sure to be another gem of a movie…

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